Welcome to The Edge Group

About Us

Fugitive Recovery

Our team of Washington Licensed Bail Bond Recovery Agents are highly trained and experienced.  We have drawn our Agents from a variety of backgrounds including Special Operations Military and Police, Private Investigators and Protective Agents, Surveillance Professionals, Search and Rescue and Paramedics.  We have an outstanding reputation for dependable, professional and experienced Apprehensions, Surrenders and Exonerations.  Our Diversity is reflected in our Logo and the Latin words of our Moto:  Servo (Protect), Invenco (Discover), Revoco (Recover).

Tools of the Trade

 We are adept at the use of traditional and cutting edge Investigative tools used in the location and apprehension of fugitives who do not want to be caught.  We have partnered with skilled open source and social media research Cyber Investigators to give our Agents the edge against those we seek.  A diverse array of Data Brokers and Court and Jail Research Tools also aid in tracking down and apprehending defendants with minimal liability.

Excellent ROI

Our Agents are also Certified Trainers in all disciplines of the Public Safety Services Section giving them excellent knowledge and judgement with regard to Washington Laws relating to Use of Force and Liability Management.  We are experts at deescalation and only use the amount of force that is Reasonable and Necessary.  You can count on us to make the right choices and exonerate you from liability.